Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some Breathtaking Rare Photos

A.R. Rahman in his School Batch

Shoe of Bhagat Singh

Childhood Photo of Bipasha Basu

Botanical Garden first made

C.V.Raman proving Raman Effect

Calcutta Bus 1943

Child Ranbir Kapoor

Child Shahrukh Khan

Child Mamata Banerjee

Death of Ram Krishna

Eiffel Tower making

First Glider made by Wright Brothers

First Harley Davidson

Polio given by the polio inventor

First Page of Rabindranath's First Diary

Gandhi on his way to death

Golden Temple of Amritsar

Sphinx of Egypt

Howrah Bridge Making

Stamps on Four Singing Legends

Indo Bangladesh Treaty

Kishor Kumar's Letter to Lata

Gandhi's Letter to Hitler

Little Messi

Jawaharlal Nehru with Indira and Rajiv Gandhi

Bose on his way to death

Newspaper of 15th August 1947

Sachin And Kambli

Titanic Ticket


Sania Mirza

Satyajit Ray setting the light

Setting bomb to blow India

Shirt of Bhagat Singh

Thomas Alva Edison inventing phonograph

Kabiguru's Birthday 1938 at chatimtala